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Invitation Letters for Visas

If you are seeking an invitation letter to participate in ICTD2016 for the purposes of including in a visa application, please complete the form at…

In order to maintain the conference’s credibility with the U.S. State Department and embassies, we will provide letters only if at least one of the following conditions indicating your relevance to the conference is satisfied:

  • You are a co-author on a Paper or Note that is accepted to the conference; alternatively, you are an organizer of an Open Session or Demo.
  • You have attended at least one previous conference related to ICT and development.
  • You have verifiable work experience in a context relevant to ICT and development.

If you believe you have other valid reasons for a letter, please email ictd2016info@umich.edu.

Please note that what we are providing is a letter of invitation, NOT a letter of guarantee, either of a legal or financial nature.

The information in the form is being requested to allow us to write a detailed, customized letter in the hopes that it will bolster your visa application.

Thank you!
ICTD2016 Organizers



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